Home Inspections

Preparing For the Inspection

To facilitate the home inspection process we have suggestions for both the buyer and seller.

  • If the property is vacant verify that the utility services are on. Utilities that are not on will affect the inspection. Return visits will incur additional charges.
  • Verify the home inspector has the correct address.
  • Ensure the seller or their agent has been notified and full access to the house is available.
  • Make sure you or your agent has the means to enter the house.

  • Make sure the utilities are on, including water, gas and electricity.
  • If there are tenants living on the property, have they been given the proper notice that an inspection has been scheduled?
  • Have all locked areas been opened or the keys available and labeled? 
  • Are the pets contained somewhere?  Make sure the agents and home inspector know there are pets on the property.
  • Make sure the pilot lights are on at all gas appliances.
  • Is the kitchen sink empty?  We will be testing the water flow.
  • Is the dishwasher empty or can be turned on without causing problems?
  • Make sure access is available to all electric panels, heating units, air conditioning units, water heaters, crawlspace doors, attic doors and fireplaces.

If an area is inaccessible or appliance turned off, the condition will be noted in the report, usually with the recommendation that the area or appliance be examined once access is gained.

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